Alpha Austsaw: The Full Trade Experience

We are excited to announce the huge step forward in our commitment to creating unmatched quality and high-performing power tool accessories. Austsaw, the Australian saw blade company is now an important part of Alpha, as we join two brands under one banner to create the ultimate trade experience.

At Alpha, we have always provided revolutionary power tool accessories and cutting-edge solutions to various industries and tradespeople. With the addition of Austsaw saw blades into the Alpha product lineup, we have achieved a pretty big milestone —a completely comprehensive power tool accessory range.

The decision to join Austsaw and Alpha starts from the shared values of delivering extreme cutting solutions. From the outset, both brands have consistently shown reliability, precision and innovation. By joining forces, we’re uniting these qualities to offer our loyal customers a cohesive and unified front.

This is more than just a strategic move, it’s a natural progression. Our target audience, product categories and commitment to revolutionising onsite cutting and drilling are now solidified and make Alpha the go-to-destination for the full trade experience.

For you, our valued customers, we want the convenience of accessing a holistic range of Alpha products capable of tackling any material all under one roof. Whether it’s drilling, cutting, deburring, chamfering, grinding, or polishing our expanded range ensures that every single power tool accessory in your toolbox seamlessly complements one another. This will bring your work, projects and tooling experience to new heights.

Alpha Austsaw isn’t just a merger but it’s a complete fusion of expertise, reliability, and power tool accessory excellence. It’s our dedication to providing you with nothing short of the best. We are so excited about this new venture and the opportunities that it will bring to your work.

Welcome to the new era of Austsaw, the full trade experience. Welcome to Alpha Austsaw.

Alpha Austsaw merge logistics

While this transition is a comprehensive process, we’re dedicated to ensuring a smooth integration of Austsaw products into our Alpha brand.

Currently, you can explore the range of Austsaw products via our unified product category page on the Alpha website. As part of our ongoing brand merger, we are working on repackaging our Austsaw products and consolidating Austsaw content onto the Alpha platform. This will offer you a more streamlined and comprehensive browsing experience. Eventually, will no longer be available as well as any social media accounts associated with the brand. 

We want to note that the in-store display experience may take a little longer to fully sync up as each distributor follows a unique process and we have thousands of stores to cover. However, please rest assured that throughout this transition, Austsaw products will remain available for purchase, ensuring uninterrupted access to the power tool accessories you rely on.

The Alpha team appreciates your patience and understanding as we strive to complete this process efficiently. Our goal is to deliver the best possible experience, so your support and cooperation are invaluable. Thank you.