Alpha Unveils Fresh Brand Tagline

We knew we needed a tagline that captured the unique Alpha experience. One impactful phrase that spoke volumes without needing many words.

Alpha has always been driven by innovation to create cutting tools that outperform and to provide customers with the ultimate confidence.

Our original tagline; “Quality you can trust” is not only a tagline, but a promise that defines our brand. We believe that quality is not just limited to performance, but extends to every aspect of the product. This includes the choice of materials, the development and manufacturing process, the accuracy of features, and most importantly, how well the product meets customer expectations.

This is all true and will remain so, given that Alpha was originally established to address the demand for top-notch drill bits in the market. However, we felt the need for a refresh and a new tagline that not only embodied quality but also conveyed confidence and a self-assured attitude that our products won’t let you down.

It was important for our tagline to encompass all trades, along with the power tool accessories that we offer, and most importantly cater to the people who would be using them. We wanted to represent our customers, the people who confidently use our products every day and rely on our power tool accessories to get their job done safely and efficiently with no doubts.

Who is Alpha?

Our purpose is to revolutionise onsite cutting and drilling by producing high-quality game-changing power tool accessories that get the job done fast with no fuss.

We believe in creating products at the cutting edge of innovation that provide significant time savings for our customers. We aim for products that are not only high-quality but also exceed customer expectations.

We also value the trust our customers have in our power tool accessories and that no matter what Alpha product they use they are getting the best in terms of safety, value and quality.

We are driven, authentic and experienced. Just like our customers, we are hard workers who want good quality, no-nonsense products.

What does Alpha do?

Our products outperform every other brand in the market place. We ensure that our customers can get the job done quickly and efficiently. No matter what task they’re tackling, they can rely on Alpha power tool accessories to consistently deliver results.

We prioritise the safety and well-being of our tradespeople. Our sales teams are equipped with product knowledge and trained to educate customers.

We assume responsibility at every stage of the journey. We are fully engaged and take ownership of every aspect of our product development spanning from design, and testing to product benchmarking and innovation.

Our products are tried and tested. Until our products meet the development specifications and performance requirements needed and expected from our customers, they undergo rigorous testing.

Our products are built tough. Crafted from high-quality materials and manufactured by experienced professionals, Alpha power tool accessories are built strong enough to withstand even the most challenging tasks. Our customers know that they will always receive the best possible performance and results.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are hard workers. They are the do-ers, the capable and the quietly confident. They take pride in their tools and their work. They want good quality, no-nonsense, no doubt type of products.

To help formulate our tagline we wanted to collect some real feedback from the real tradespeople who use our power tool accessories daily hoping to gauge their thoughts and experiences with our products.


Extremely happy with how sharp and how tough the drills bits are.



I was surprised the first time I used Alpha drill bits after being handed one from my usual fastener wholesaler. They always perform well; the bits last a long time and they are good products for the price point. No fancy gimmicks, the products are just what they are, and seem to sell themselves.



Great! We use the drill and driver bits all the time. Great wear and stronger than most competitors



My overall experience has been very good. The products are hardy and long lasting. When doing farm work, they can take a beating, which is what I look for in products.


Farm Hand

I regularly use Alpha drill bits and I recommend them to anyone that asks. They are above and beyond.



Bloody great quality, sharp bits and gets the job done every time without a doubt!



Alpha products are used almost daily in my life and they’ve never let me down on the job.



Good products. I’ve never had a bad experience considering the intense strain we put them under.



ROCK SOLID. The only bits I use. An A grade at work recommended them to me and I haven’t looked back!


Apprentice Sparky

Absolutely awesome couldn’t recommend more, myself and friends that I’ve told about alpha have bought so many products.



They completed the job after breaking other tools on the way there. I had to buy quality products to get the job done.



One thing just kept coming up again and again: total confidence. Our products were guaranteed to outperform, no question. No matter the pressure, the environment,
the material or the task at hand, they’d get the job done, leaving no room for bad experiences or doubts.