Who is Alpha?

We produce high-quality cutting and drilling power tool accessories that get the job done fast with no fuss. Operating under the Australian family-owned company, Sheffield Group, every Alpha product is created and developed to deliver the best quality performance in its category, aligning with Sheffield’s core pillar, Products That Outperform. Alpha was launched in the 90s after Sheffield Group had recognised a need for high-quality drill bits in the marketplace. The range and brand have grown since then, providing over 1300 distributors Australia-wide with power tool accessories that revolutionise onsite cutting and drilling, and cater to a wide range of industries and trade sectors.

How does it compare to other brands?

We help our customers get the job done fast and efficiently with products that outperform every other brand in that market range. No matter what job our customers are tackling, they can count on Alpha tools to get the job done right - time and time again. Our products are built tough to withstand even the most challenging tasks, so our customers can be assured that they’re always getting the best performance possible.

Where and how are Alpha products made?

Every single Alpha product is created and developed to deliver the best quality performance in its category. However, we know quality doesn’t just start and end with performance. Quality is about the excellence of the materials used, how it was developed and manufactured, whether all features are precise, and how well the product meets customer expectations. All Alpha products are developed in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Then we work with a worldwide manufacturer that is best suited for that product range and has the materials required to ensure success. Once manufactured, our products are tested by our expert product development team in Newcastle to make sure they meet development specifications and performance requirements before being released to the market. 90% of Alpha products are then finalised, packaged and shipped from our Newcastle facility

Where can I buy it?

Alpha products can be purchased from over 1300 distributors Australia-wide. Check out our online store finder. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can send us an email at hello@alphatools.com.au

How do I know what product to use for what material?

We know that selecting the right product for the right material is incredibly important, that’s why we make sure to include all information, requirements and product specifications on our website’s product pages and on all packaging.

Do you have a return policy?

Alpha is owned and operated under the Australian wholesaler, Sheffield Group. Returns and exchanges on any Alpha product are dependent on the distributor or store that the product was purchased from. Whether a return or exchange is given to a user is up to the discretion of the applicable store.

Do Alpha products have any warranty or replacement options?

Please see our warranty page for more information.