Finding Alpha Tools Near You

Alpha Tools supplies high-performing power tool accessories to over 1300 Australian retail stores and distributors, ensuring a widespread availability across the country. 

We aim to make our products easily accessible to customers so they can experience the game-changing quality and reliability that Alpha Tools offers.

Utilising our user-friendly store locator, you can easily find Alpha products in your local area by entering your town or postcode. This will then provide you with a comprehensive list of stores that stock Alpha, complete with important details such as the address, phone number and the specific ranges of Alpha products that they carry.

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While our store locator indicates the general ranges available at each store, it does not provide any real-time information on exact product availability.

You can use the provided contact details to make a quick phone call to the store and inquire about any specific products you are looking for.

For online browsing and shopping, our store locator page features a list of online distributors. A simple click takes you to these websites where you can browse our Alpha products for purchase.

Alpha Tools is a wholesaler which means we do not directly sell products to customers, instead, we supply our products to trade retailers and local hardware stores, who then set the prices for individual items. This also means that prices may vary depending on the product and the specific store.

Once you visit your local Alpha stockist, you will notice our eye-catching displays. The distinctive bright Alpha yellow cannot be missed. You will notice that our displays prioritise consistent brand reinforcement featuring a spotlight on key products and clear, concise labelling for an awesome shopping experience.