How Alpha Cobalt helped one company save $6803 on a single project

The Alpha team recently had the pleasure of working with QBC Engineering on a project involving the Alpha Cobalt Jobber Drill Bits (100x 3.0mm). QBC had been using a different brand of drill bits but wasn’t achieving satisfactory results so, they reached out to Alpha for a better solution.

QBC’s task was to drill holes in high-tensile bolts for Blackwoods’ heavy mining and industrial sector customers.

This process is crucial for running wires through the bolt heads and securing the fasteners to prevent any movement. It’s an important safety measure to ensure that bolts remain tightly fastened and don’t come loose or vibrate after being properly tensioned.

After identifying that the process was not optimised, we were able to provide some best practice insights and implement a few simple changes to the process. This has increased efficiency and reduced cost per part.

The initial result with the 3mm incumbent drill bit was 3 x holes per drill bit, compared to the 3mm Alpha Cobalt Jobber Drill that smashed out 25 x holes per drill.

Application: Drilling into 8.8 hi-tensile bolt heads (across flats)
Drilling Depth: 30mm
Tool: 3mm Alpha Cobalt Jobber Drills
Machine: Drill press
Clamping method: Machine vice
Lubrication: External coolant
RPM: 1550
Feed: Manual

200 bolts per job at 20 jobs per year = 4000 bolts/drilled holes
4000/3 = 1333 drill bits per year
4000/25 = 160 drill bits per year
1333 drills per year at $5.80 = $7,731
160 drills per year at $5.80 = $928

A huge saving of $6,803!

Testimonial: Manager of QBC Engineering, Phil Longworth

It makes a big difference when you get someone who knows what they’re doing to have a look at your processes and give some application advice.

Each job we do now costs less in drill bits, reducing our cost per part to produce.

Also, we now have significantly higher output and efficiency, since we are not having to change the drill so often, there’s a significant time-saving in just that alone.

We really appreciate your expertise and assistance.

Thank you!