The Alpha Abrasive range is designed to meet all performance criteria while meeting the demands of our customer’s needs and required applications.
Our selection of abrasives includes cutting and grinding discs, coated abrasives, trim-flex grinding discs, twin power grinding discs, clean and strip discs, finishing discs, hand pads and sanding pads, backing pads and R Type holders.

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What are abrasives used for?

Abrasives are used to grind, sand, deburr, polish, cut, slice, strip and wear away surfaces of softer, less resistant materials. Some materials that abrasives can be applied to are stainless steel, steel, aluminium, and brass — also wood and fibreglass in some specific cases and applications.

What industries use abrasives?

Abrasives are commonly used in a variety of industries, including commercial builders, metal fabrication, automotive, structural work, heavy engineering, manufacturing and machinist work.

What are the different coated abrasives and their specific applications?

The four abrasive grains vary in colour to help you quickly identify the best disc for the required application. Ceramic grain provides the longest life, fastest cut rate and self-sharpens as it cuts. Ceramic delivers an aggressive consistent cut with moderate to high pressure and is ideal for use on stainless steel and other hard materials. Zirconia is an extremely hard abrasive that self-sharpens as it cuts and has an advanced bond that extends disc life by minimising grain shedding. It is best used under high pressure to expose new sharp edges and is ideal for use on stainless steel. Aluminium Oxide is the most common Resin Fibre disc and has cost-effective stock removal. Ideal for use on most metals as well as wood in some applications. Soft Metal is a self-lubricating disc that helps delay disc loading. It provides a lower work surface temperature and is ideal for use on bronze, brass and aluminium. See our Alpha Abrasive catalogue for more information.