Carbide Burrs

We know that there are different types, shapes and sizes of Carbide Burrs for various applications, that’s why we stock a wide variety — so no matter the job, we have the right burr for you. Carbide Burrs are perfect for a wide range of tasks, including milling, deburring, carving, shaping, chamfering and more. They work on various materials like ferrous metals, stainless steel, hardened steel and even cast iron.

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Why use Carbide Burrs?

There are many advantages to using Carbide Burrs including longer life, higher stock removal, and versatility on hard materials.

Types of burrs and uses

Ball-shaped burrs create concave cuts and can be used to hollow out materials. A pointed tree or round nose burr can be used for rounding off edges and making concave cuts. Inverted cone burrs can make v-cuts and are ideal for rear-side chamfering. Pointed cones can be used for rounded edges and surface finishing in narrow contours. Cylinder burrs can be used for contour finishing.

What industries use Carbide Burrs?

Carbide Burrs are commonly used in a variety of industries including heavy metalwork, automotive, dental, metal engraving and smithing, tool making, engineering, model engineering, jewellery making, welding and sculpting.