Driver Bits

Alpha has an extensive range of driver bits on offer that cater to a variety of different applications, industries and uses. Alpha standard driver bits and the impact torsion driver bits (ThunderMax, Thunder Zone and MaxDrive) feature a range of different head styles including adaptors, bit holders, hex security, hex standard, magnetic sockets, nut setters, auto feeds, pin security, slotted, square, Torx, and tri-wing. The range also features both Phillips and Pozidriv ribbed designs that provide extra grip.

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What are driver bits?

Driver bits are tool accessories that turn drills into power screwdrivers. With a power drill and driver bit, you can drive screws in quickly and remove them just as easily —something you wouldn't be able to do with just a regular screwdriver. Not to mention, using driver bits allows you to work at a significantly quicker pace.

What kind of tool is recommended for driver bits?

To ensure you're getting the optimal performance and maximum durability out of your driver bit, the right driver bit must be used for the right application. To extend your driver bit's life, it’s important to avoid cam-out. To minimize the chances of cam-out, the bit should be the correct size to match the fastener and have the correct amount of pressure to ensure the bit stays engaged. Cordless drills and impact driver guns are recommended for different driver bits. The Thunder Zone, MaxDrive Torsion and ThunderMax all require impact driver guns. The Alpha standard driver bits require a cordless drill.

What’s the difference between standard and impact/torsion driver bits?

Standard driver bits are suited to applications when the load is gradually increased, such as fastening wood screws into timber, or in precision applications where head accuracy is very important. Standard driver bits tend to be more brittle than ‘impact’ driver bits meaning the head will hold its shape longer but can break when using an impact driver. Impact/torsion driver bits have a narrower shaft than standard driver bits. This narrow shaft is called the torsion zone designed to absorb high torque stress and reduce bit fracture. This design allows the impact driver bit to have a much greater torsional strength than a standard driver bit and allows it to continue spinning without breaking, even when significant stress is put on the bit. Impact torsion driver bits are manufactured from more ductile raw materials. This means they can bend under pressure, and then go back to their original shape. They are most suited to applications where instantaneous impact occurs and the head of the driver is fully seated in the screw. This is mostly when fastening metal to metal, aluminium, and other fabrication applications.