Holesaws & Hole Cutters

Alpha has an extended range of high-quality holesaws and hole cutters, including TCT holesaws, HSS Hole Cutters with Arbors and TCT Hole Cutters with Arbors. The Alpha White Pointer Bi-Metal Holesaw has been engineered for superior heavy-duty cutting performance and accuracy. Alpha also provides a range of pilot drills and arbors that pair perfectly with the holesaw set, including the Alpha Pro Lock Arbor System.

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What is special about the Alpha White Pointer Bi-Metal Holesaw?

The Alpha White Pointer Bi-Metal Holesaw has multiple ejection slots for rapid removal of thick and thin plugs, as well as, a 4/6 variable tooth configuration that reduces vibration for smooth, accurate cuts. The unique multiple grinding technology is for faster cutting and longer life, and the international standard thread pattern accepts all common arbors. Ideal for steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metal, wood and plastic.

What is included in the Alpha White Pointer Holesaw Kits?

There is a plethora of holesaw sets on offer with 7 x White Pointer Holesaw Kits created to suit different kinds of applications and trades. The White Pointer Holesaw Kit range includes an Electrician’s Kit, Ultimate Electrician’s Kit, Tradie’s Kit, Ultimate Tradie’s Kit, Plumber’s Kit, Ultimate Plumber’s Kit and Locksmith’s Kit.

What is the Alpha Pro Lock Arbor System?

Work faster and smarter with the unique Alpha Pro Lock Arbor System. Reduce holesaw changes to seconds and eliminate jamming, thanks to the quick engage-and-twist design. The Alpha Pro Lock Arbor System is 2 x faster than the standard arbor system giving users the ability to cut more holes and change sizes of the holesaw quicker. The arbor suits all major brands of TCT and Bi-Metal holesaws (14-198mm), and the HSS pilot drill has improved chip extraction. Attaching the adaptor and quick-change arbor is simple. Place washer on adaptor and screw into holesaw, attach the quick-change arbor. Remove the quick-change arbor by pulling back the sleeve to release the holesaw.