Multi-Tool Blades

The Alpha multi-tool product range offers superior blade technology to complete any task with ease and perfection. Whether you need to cut timber, metal, plastic, plaster or sand back some wood and paint, the Alpha multi-tool range is guaranteed to get the job done.

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What different kinds of multi tool products are in the Alpha range?

Alpha has a wide range of multi-tool products that suit a lot of different applications and materials. Our multi-material blades include, Nail Buster Bi-Metal Blades, Surecut “Präzision” Bi-Metal Blades and HSS Segment Bi-Metal Blades. The Metal Buster Tungsten Carbide Blade can be used on metal materials, and the Tungsten Carbide Segment Blade can be used for speciality applications. Our range includes different blades that can be applied to timber and hardwood including, Fine Tooth Timber Blades, Coarse Tooth Timber Blades, Coarse Tooth Hardwood Blades and Japanese Tooth Timber Blades. The Alpha range also includes products for sanding applications like the Sanding Pad Hook and Loop, and Sanding Sheets.

What do you use multi-tool blades with?

Multi-tool blades are used on multifunctional oscillating power tools. With the tool's ability to change blades and accessories, it can perform a wide variety of tasks. You can use these power tools to cut through wood, metal and plastic, as well as scrape away paint and sand hard-to-reach surfaces. Our multi-tool blade range can make all these applications possible.

What is included in the multi-tool blade sets?

Alpha’s multi-tool sets contain the perfect blade selection to cut a wide range of materials. Alpha has 2 multi-tool blade sets consisting of a 4-piece and 8-piece set. Both sets include the Japanese Tooth Blade (32mm and 63mm), the Bi-Metal Blade (32mm) and the Fine-Tooth Blade (32mm).