Reciprocating Blades

With the correct Alpha reciprocating blade, you can cut through wood with nails, plastic, metal, aluminium, chipboard, plywood, steel, stainless steel and much more.

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What different kinds of reciprocating blades are in the Alpha range?

Alpha has a wide range of reciprocating blades that suit a lot of different applications and materials. The Destructor range features demolition blades that can be used on wood with nails, metal and timber, it also comes in a handy 8-piece set. Other reciprocating blades include the Rippa for timber, the Slicer for metal blades and a general-purpose 8-piece set.

What is special about the Alpha Destructor range?

The Alpha Destructor range is built stronger for extended life and has a super heavy-duty blade that lasts up to 10x longer than standard reciprocating blades. The Destructor range features tall and strong blades that ensure fast, straight cuts. Precision ground and set teeth are included for fast cutting without clogging. Destructor Wood and Nails: Ideal for softwood, hardwood, wood with nails and plastic. Destructor Metal: Ideal for metal, wood with nails and plastic. Destructor Metal and Timber: Ideal for wood with nails, metal, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, aluminium, cast iron and pipes.

What trades utilise reciprocating blades the most?

Alpha reciprocating blades are perfect for any trade that needs to cut through wood with nails, plastic, metals and pipes like construction and demolition. Choosing the right blade for the right application is integral for peak performance.