Specialty & Masonry

The Alpha Specialty and Masonry range is ideal for cutting and drilling through difficult materials, such as glass and tile or concrete and brick.
Our speciality range includes DiamondMAX Core Bits, Diamond Core Bits and Spearpoint Drills. Our masonry range includes Masonry Drill Bits, Multipurpose Drill Bits, TCT Countersink Depth Gauges, 2 Head and 4 Head Cutters, SDS Max Core Cutters, Hollow Core Cutters, Chisels, Plug Anchors, Dreconnect Adaptor systems and SDS Adaptors.

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What type of materials can Alpha's speciality and masonry products be used on?

The Diamond core bit range is ideal for wet and dry drilling through porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, limestone, slate, terracotta, fibreglass, travertine and masonry. Spearpoint drills are ideal for drilling into mirrors, glass (excluding toughened glass) and all ceramic tiles- including PE14. Masonry drill bits are suited for brick ceramic and concrete. Our straight and hex-shank multipurpose drill bits are perfect for wood, metal, masonry and tiles. Some other masonry drills and their suited materials include; Depth Gauge Drill bits for cement sheet and blue board; SDS Plus 2 Head Cut for hardened concrete and masonry; SDS Plus 4 Head Cut for REO concrete and masonry; SDS Max Core Cutter for REO concrete, concrete, masonry and natural stone; Hollow Core Cutter for aerated concrete, masonry and natural stone; and Chisels for hardened concrete and masonry.

What is special about the DiamondMax Core Bits?

The Alpha DiamondMAX Core Bits have diamond segment tips that reduce cutting temperature for 10x longer working life. The diamond composite technology enables the bit to be dressed for optimum performance and the wide-slotted design is for increased visibility when cutting and is also for fast plug removal.

What is special about the REO Head SDS Plus 4 Cutter Masonry Drill

Alpha's REO Head SDS Plus 4 Cutter Masonry Drill does two jobs for the time and price of one, uncomplicating the process and eliminating the need to carry around two drill bits for one job. PGM-certified for guaranteed hole accuracy, this drill bit is crafted with reinforced shoulders for better braking power, impact resistance and faster drilling. It beats other professional 4-cutter SDS drill bits by 15 per cent and lasts up to 6 x longer.