Alpha has a wide range of taps and dies that can be used for threading, including Carbon Taps and Dies, HSS Taps, HSSE Machine Taps and Tap and Die sets. Tap and die tools come in handy when you have a job that involves nuts and bolts or you need to thread a hole in metal, including stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, and carbon steel.

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What are taps and dies?

The process of threading involves using taps and dies to create screw threads. The process of cutting or forming threads using a tap is called tapping, and the process using a die is called threading. A tap is a threaded tool that cuts or forms threads inside a hole (nut). A die is a threaded tool that forms or cuts threads on a cylindrical rod's surface (bolt). Using a tap or a die, you can create new threads or repair damaged threads.

What is included in the Tap and Die Kits?

Alpha has a metric and imperial tap and die kit perfect for general-purpose use and suits light industrial, motor vehicle and construction trade. Each kit features 42 pieces of high-carbon steel taps and dies. The taps and dies range between 17 different sizes with accessories, and are precision manufactured to ISO and DIN standards.

Why is it important to use cutting lubricant?

Alpha C.D.T (Cut Drill Tap) Cutting Lubricant is formulated for extreme cutting performance when tapping, drilling, and reaming into all metals, including hardened steel and titanium. Special additives reduce friction, extend tool life and provide an excellent surface finish. The C.D.T is packaged in a 250ml squeeze bottle, is non-flammable, environmentally safe, has biodegradable ingredients, and is easy to use and clean up.