Alpha has a range of speciality products that can be used to cut through timber materials such as hardwood and softwood. The range includes 4 Cutter Augers, Spade Bits, Extension Bars, Heavy Duty Augers, Scotch Augers and Shipper Augers.

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What are the features of the 4 Cutter Auger Bits?

The 4 Cutter Auger Bits have four cutting edges that cut 4x faster than standard spade bits and have a coarse screw tip for effortless feed in hard and soft woods. Other features include full-length heat treatment for increased durability and short flute design for fast chip ejection. Ideal for cutting hardwood and softwood and also comes in a 5-piece and 3-piece set.

What is special about the Heavy-Duty Auger Bits?

Alpha’s Heavy-Duty Auger Bits are ideal for drilling hardwood and softwood, such as power poles, fence posts and railway sleepers. The hardened self-feeding screw is for durability, easy starting and fast drilling. Other features include an ultra-hard cutting edge for fast drilling and longevity, a non-stick coating to reduce friction and increase product life, and a strengthened core structure that provides increased bit rigidity.

What is the TurboBore Spade Bit range, and what is included?

TurboBore Spade Bits have a relief ground point and cutting edge that ensures fast drilling. Double outside spurs provide a cleaner hole and reduce vibration. The TurbBore Spade Bit range includes an 8-piece set containing 1 x 150mm Quick Release Extension Bar, and 7 x TurboBore Spade Bits (10,12,16,20,22,25 & 32mm). The range also includes 3 different extension bars; a Quick Release Bar, a Grub Screw Bar and a Heavy-Duty Extension Bar, which can be attached to the end of the spade bits.