Screw Extractor #4 Carded (8.33mm)

  • Reverse Tapered Cutting Screw Thread
  • Square Head for use with Tapping Handles
  • 6 Common sizes available

Technical data: 

  • Suits pilot drill: 6.35mm, 1/4″ 
  • Suits bold thread diameter: 10 – 12mm, 3/8 – 1/2″ 

Directions for use: 

  1. If possible, grind or flatten the head of the damaged bolt or screw.

  2. With a heavy hammer and centre punch, mark the centre of the bolt or screw; this will prevent the pilot drill wandering.

  3. The extractor requires a pilot hole, start with a small Alpha left handed drill bit (e.g. 5/64’’).

  4. If required, drill the hole out larger. It is best to use a left-hand drill for this step, as this may be enough to remove the stud without a screw extractor.

  5. Select the correct size screw extractor for the hole, see table above.

  6. With a tap wrench, turn the screw extractor into the hole in an anti-clockwise direction. The reverse threads force the extractor into the hole until the broken bolt or stud is forced to turn. Continue turning until the stud is removed.

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